💣COMMITMENTSCommitments are tough!

Our lives are forever changing with circumstances that we can not foresee,however we all know at least one person that always finds a way to follow through and keep their word, to the end. What do they do that is different than what YOU or ARE YOU that person?

What steps can you start doing to BE the person that follows through.

You may ask…So how do I organize everything so that I stay focused and accountable?
#1 ✏️Use a checklist…everyday. You may only get one thing done on it, but anything is definitely movement forward
#2 🕒Allot time daily to work on your checklist. It’s a scheduled appointment with yourself.
#3 🛋Have a spot that is yours to do your task or accomplish your goals. ie-office, workout space or a gym. When you are in this space make it your time to “Get it Done!”
#4 📚Have easy access to your Goals and Daily task list. (Phone or paper list) Always know where you are on your list and pull it out if you need to be motivated.

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